Content Strategy


Any content needs to deliver a MESSAGE

How often have you read a website or other marketing material for a business such as a blog post or article and you think to yourself “I have no idea what they are trying to say, I just don’t get it!.”  The problem is this: the content does not convey a message and this is what causes the gap.  I am on a mission to provide content solutions that bridge the gap.

Mind that Gap, in other words be aware that content without a message is meaningless. Instead content needs to be the delivery mechanism for the message. “So how do you fit messaging into web design and marketing? The point is to not fit messaging in, but let the message be the mould that all other aspects of web design, development and marketing fits into”. Extract:

I love researching and writing for business and marketing purposes. I also enjoy some creative writing too in the form of poetry. My work experience primarily in the fields of education and law, has involved lots of research and writing, for example: courses, programs, lessons, policies, reports, thesis, research briefs, legal arguments, numerous curriculum documents, marketing materials (brochures, websites, blog posts), magazine and newspaper articles, ebooks, workshop presentations, speeches, workbooks and more.

Content for Service Professionals

Not everyone is a lover of writing and I fully get that! If you are a Service Professional who is not an avid fan of writing then I am here to help you. As you well know in the service industries being able to create and distribute quality engaging content on a regular basis to our tribe is an absolute must.

You may in fact really enjoy writing – but for you it’s about not being able to find the time you need to consistently blog, create social media posts, update your website content etc. Or you may sit down to do some writing and find yourself suffering blank page syndrome – good old writers block!  You are not alone: I can help you get unstuck!

Give me a phone call or email to discuss how I can assist you to get your MESSAGE out to the WORLD.

Content for Clients of Service Professionals

Are you are Service Professional, such as a Website Developer or a Social Media Coach or a PR Consultant or a Branding Strategist who has clients that are in need of content?

I can assist with your client’s writing needs for: Websites, Social media platforms, Email newsletters, Brochures, Press releases, Lead magnets (for example, a How to Guide), Ebooks, Landing pages and Ecourses. In other words, content that will help your clients attract and engage their clients.

Give me a phone call or email to discuss how I can assist your clients to get their MESSAGE out to the WORLD.