“We’re talking about people today with a gazillion jobs and qualifications. Not only do they hop between jobs, they leap between careers and manage them concurrently. They’re an Accountant/Tech Developer/Pro Gamer or Lifeguard/Carpenter/Photographer or Publicist/Journalist/Actor/Singer/Producer.”

IDEAS for Business + Career


“Slashies are multi-skilled, multi-faceted and professional life jugglers. They don’t delineate between hobbies and work, they make them both viable income streams. In short, they’re over-achieving legends (according to ourselves). I say legends because this is a generation of workers who follow their dreams and go where intuition takes them.

Success isn’t sought in a pay check or climbing the corporate ladder. Success is work-life balance, exploring deep and dark creative facets, childhood dreams, ticking off international bucket lists and going out on a limb with a crazy idea that just might change the world. We’re risk-takers, we live with our heart on our sleeve and we pride individuality over tradition. We’re nonconforming movers and shakers.” Maryann Wright is an actor/singer/writer/producer working in the theatre industry.

Maryann has nailed the definition of a SLASHIE! Can you relate to what she says?


Let’s connect and brainstorm IDEAS for your SLASHIE career!  

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Maree is an incredible woman with a way of thinking so original and out of that box that I just love what she does.  She has already helped me generate some brilliant conceptual ideas for my own potential business as well as a career path to achieve my potential.

Stacey Nelan

Prevention of Domestic Violence Advocate and Practitioner